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ObedOnline Catering LLC

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Добро пожаловать в онлайн-магазин готовой еды и напитков
056-117 0556

Если Вы хотите провести вечер без приготовления пищи, устроить романтический ужин с рядом вкусных блюд, приятно удивить близких людей и порадовать себя – Вы зашли по верному адресу.

Мы предлагаем вам любимые, ароматные, а так же самые изысканные, оригинальные и по-домашнему вкусные блюда Русской, Грузинской и Украинской кухни.

В рабочее время вы можете заказать у нас обеды в офис. Это очень удобно, учитывая, что по соседству с работой не всегда есть подходящие ресторан или кафе.

Праздник, посиделки с друзьями – ваше торжество будет украшено удивительным разнообразием блюд.

Всё очень просто: достаточно позвонить нам или заполнить простую электронную форму.

If you want to spend an evening without cooking, if you are planning romantic dinner, or even wishing to impress your loved ones and yourself with delicious dishes – you have come to the right place.

We are offering you favorite, delicious as well as most refined and original homemade recipes from Russian, Georgian and Ukrainian cuisine.

During business hours you can have a lunch delivery to your doorstep. It is very convenient for those who have limited choice of restaurants around the office.

Birthday, wedding, or just party with friends - your event will be decorated with an amazing variety of food.

Placing order is simple - you just need to call us or choose from menu and fill out short online form.

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ObedOnline is an independently run foodservice company with a heritage in frozen food, catering and distribution. The business is owned and run by two characters that have an extensive experience in the field both in the USA and Europe.

We have old-fashioned values of customer driven service and support matched with a modern, forward thinking business mind-set.

Even though being a very young company with only 1 year of local experience, we pride ourselves on the service we provide to the catering, retail industry, hotel, leisure and wholesale sectors.

ObedOnline Catering LLC has been meeting and exceeding the requirements of our customers now for the whole period and we already can say that our clientele is more than 1200 both individuals and companies. Over this time we have built up considerable experience in our customers requirements and are well placed to offer you the best possible service.

Our professional team is serving your favorite, delicious as well as most refined and original homemade recipes from Russian, Georgian and Ukrainian cuisine.

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